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This is the riveting conclusion to The Revolt of 2020 & The American Tyranny of 2020. Under the leadership of God-fearing men like David Jameson and Governor Ben Boswell, ten states peacefully secede from the United States. The Coalition of Free Christian States wants to restore free speech, recriminalize abortion and physician-assisted suicide, protect marriage, be free of the unbearable chains of federal debt, and resist the federal government's attempt to disarm the people. Coalition leadership hopes a nuclear weapon will earn them a seat at the table of nations, but President Margaret Brighton exploits a critical weakness to launch a massive invasion of the Coalition. With thousands of young anarchists and Marxists under his authority, Professor Mitch Paine plans riots to wreak havoc on the infrastructure of the weakest Coalition states. But when Elijah Slate, wielding the Bible as his rulebook, is handed the helm of one state's criminal justice system, the conflict gets personal. In an attempt to unite with his wife and children in enemy territory, David Jameson discovers that their greatest test of faith is yet to come. His wife Darlene is forced to place her "Isaac" on the altar. The dream of liberty begins to fade as its price tag approaches unbearable. They learn that in the hottest fires of testing God loves to show Himself strong on behalf of underdogs with pure hearts. 

The Uncivil War of 2020

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