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When the President of the United States is among the thousands of pro-choice leaders killed in a tragic explosion at a Reproductive Rights Convention, the government begins a long-anticipated campaign to silence opponents of its agenda. Good men like David Jameson are in the cross-hairs. Their intolerance of abortion, physician-assisted suicide, and gay marriage are grounds for prosecution. They are a threat to national security. Preachers and pro-life activists are hunted like terrorists, forced into re-education classes, and persecuted.


The federal government’s plan to disarm Americans and drastically raise taxes is the last straw for many states like Texas, and they begin to resist. Secessionist fervor begins to rise. Liberals like Mitch Paine lead thousands of anarchists and college students to stand against the “religious totalitarians.” Will America ever be "one nation under God" again? Will Americans preserve liberty for their posterity, or is it just a fading dream?


Awe-inspiring courage, terrifying tragedy, tender romance, and violent conflict carry the reader through an ageless clash of worldviews, where the superiority of the principles of liberty and the truths of Christianity prevail over a plethora of vicious opponents. 

The Revolt of 2020

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