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Resistance to President Brighton’s executive orders spreads like wildfire across rural America. The hunt for David Jameson, the prime suspect in the bombing that killed the former president and thousands of pro-choice leaders, leads federal agents to the Texas statehouse. Violence against federal agents and abortionists rises. Ten states unite to form the Coalition of Free Christian States and threaten secession.




The red carpet is rolled out for the president to violently silence the opponents of her socialist agenda and to finally disarm the nation.




David’s wife, Darlene, is captured. As the only link to the most wanted man in the country, all methods of interrogation are at the government’s disposal to break her.




Will Americans have the courage to prefer a dangerous liberty to a comfortable tyranny? The American Revolution of 2020 presents an ageless clash of worldviews, where the principles of liberty and Christianity prevail over a gauntlet of relentless opponents. 

The American Tyranny of 2020

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