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Naomi Shetler has the perfect life - six lovely daughters and one son, a gentle husband, and a comfortable home in an impeccable community. All of it is threatened when she experiences a vivid dream that eerily comes to pass. She foresees the death of a dear friend and, unable to prevent it, plunges into a psychological crisis. Naomi's dreams continue to plague her, and she acts upon them in ways that bring shame to her husband and her children. Her pastor rules her gift a curse. When she publicly confronts the mayor, accusing him of an unspeakable crime, she is admitted to a psych ward and Children's Services tragically removes her children from the home. Joshua, her husband, soon realizes that his wife's sanity may not be the only casualty of her strange dreams. Attempting to regain possession of their children, he falls under the spell of a seductive attorney and is persuaded that filing for divorce is the only way to bring his children home. Just when all hope seems lost, Naomi is unexpectedly vindicated and exalted in ways she could never imagine! In this inspiring thriller and touching love story, you will discover that sometimes our greatest weaknesses, when surrendered into the hands of our Maker, can become the most spectacular gifts.

Naomi's Sacrifice

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