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Crawl into a cracked, smoke-filled room teetering over a fire-filled chasm, saturated with the fear and despair of six unbelievers, one famished evil spirit, and one broken Christian. Watch how faith beats all odds and conquers Death. ***** A nightmarish accident on black ice in downtown New York City transforms several ordinary passengers into extraordinary heroes. Seven people soon discover that they have more in common than just an appointment with an IRS agent and a preference for city transportation. A lukewarm Christian with cancer, a gay atheist, a drug-addicted Hindu, a drug-peddling gang leader, a guilt-ridden orthodox Jew, a jihadist Muslim, and an IRS agent whose marriage is on the rocks, are soon trapped in a room that threatens to crumble into a fire-filled chasm in the bowels of the 14th floor of an IRS building that has mysteriously exploded. Death is also present, cracking his fire-laced whip, feeding off their fears and guilt, luring them to despair, tempting them with madness. As the mystery of the tragedy unfolds, the conflict becomes personal. Can hope come out of a volatile mixture of torment, bitterness, anger, and hate, or is this too evil a brew for even the love of God to conquer? How does Christianity compete with other worldviews in handling Death, guilt, and despair? How can an all-powerful and all-good God allow such calamities to occur? As the lungs of these unfortunate New Yorkers begin to fill with smoke, and the room teeters toward the fire-filled chasm below, how can hope, forgiveness, and love flourish?

Beating Grim

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