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She Looks Like My Little Girl.png

The unbelievable story of Eva Edl, her daring escape from Yugoslavia's communist concentration camps in the wake of World War II, and her emigration to the West, where the girl in desperate need of rescue becomes the heroic rescuer of preborn children. All proceeds support a Christian school in a Buddhism-dominated, poverty-stricken area of India.

5.0 out of 5 stars, from Amazon reviewer: "Eva's Story Is Life-Changing!

This is an amazing true story of one of the most beautiful women of God. From being a holocaust survivor, to the horrific things she's seen and experienced, trials that she's overcome, to saving babies lives, saving souls, building schools, giving all that she has to help others, to being a wife, a mom, a grandmother (Oma) and great grandmother and a true lover of God. She is so beautiful inside and out. She IS his precious little girl..."

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Body By Blood.png

Dr. Raymond Verity, the world famous scientist who commercialized cloning technology for the exquisitely wealthy, is the first to be brought back from cryopreservation. The elites worship him. The President praises him. But the mirror condemns him because even the extreme pleasures of his billionaire lifestyle cannot erase his awareness that someone had to die to give him his new body. Having pioneered cloning technology through fetal tissue experiments, he had no moral objections to destroying imperfect samples, but when he meets his only granddaughter, who has Downs Syndrome, something changes. When he discovers that his beloved Mary Nell is scheduled to be “replaced” by her genetically-perfect duplicate, Dr. Verity embarks on a desperate mission to atone for his past sins. 

Body by Blood is a futuristic thriller which takes you on a heart-pounding journey and will call into question your core beliefs about life.

5.0 out of 5 stars, from Amazon reviewer: "Highly Recommend!

Wrapped in a riveting, futuristic, action packed novel, Patrick Johnston gives powerful insight into the human heart, the sanctity of life, and everyone's need of a Savior. Leaves you with a lot to ponder." Read more reviews here.

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The Reliant_screen shot.png

Now a Major Motion Picture: On Amazon Prime:, 

"When the dollar collapses, widespread rioting and looting threaten a family in Ohio. Five children tragically lose their parents in the chaos. The oldest, 19-year-old lovesick Sophie, is forced to care for her defenseless and hungry siblings in a stretch of woods surrounded by lawless anarchy. Running out of food and facing threats from encroaching marauders, they are tempted to doubt God’s love. When they capture a thief trying to steal from them, they discover that they were not victims of random violence. They were targeted. Torn between justice and mercy, with their allies turning against them, their faith is heated in the fire. Will God answer their prayers and deliver them, or must their faith remain blind to facts?"

5.0 out of 5 stars from Amazon reviewer: "A Rare Breed of a Novel.

The Reliant is an action packed heart wrenching story. It is uniquely written from a Christian perspective, which is a nice touch. The novel faces down some heavy moral and religious issues. It forces you to ask yourself what you would do in the same situation." Read more reviews here.

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The Revolt of 2020.png

One of Dr. Johnston's all-time BEST SELLERS! "When the president is among the thousands of leaders killed in a tragic explosion at the Reproductive Rights Convention, the government intensifies a campaign to silence opponents of its agenda. Terrorist attacks give birth to firearm disarmament policies and federal hate-crime laws which become the tools to muzzle parents, pastors, sheriffs, and state leaders. Good men like Pastor David Jameson are in the cross-hairs. Their intolerance of tyranny is grounds for prosecution. Secessionist fervor rises all over the south. The liberal university professor Mitch Paine leads thousands of anarchists and college students to riot and wreak havoc on the infrastructure of the “religious totalitarians” across the Bible belt. Resistance escalates to the brink of war when Texas State Guard forces square off with federal troops in downtown Austin.The Revolt of 2020 involves an ageless clash of worldviews, where the superiority of the principles of liberty and Christianity prevail over a plethora of vicious opponents."

5.0 out of 5 stars from an Amazon Reviewer: "Great writing and a great pro-life, pro-God message. I have bought the next two books in this Trilogy and can’t wait to read them. Highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good action-packed Christian book."

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The American Tyranny of 2020.png

Book 2 in the Revolt Trilogy: Tyranny is never so vicious as when it is so justified. Resistance to President Brighton's executive orders spreads like wildfire across rural America. The hunt for David Jameson, the prime suspect in the bombing that killed the former president and thousands of pro-choice leaders, leads federal agents to the Texas statehouse. Ten states unite to form the Coalition of Free Christian States and threaten secession. The red carpet is rolled out for the president to violently silence the opponents of her socialist agenda and to finally disarm the nation. David's wife, Darlene, is captured. As the only link to the most wanted man in the country, all methods of interrogation are at the government's disposal to break her. 

5.0 out of 5 stars by Amazon Reviewer: "MUST READ is an Understatement. This fascinating book pulls you into the stories of real Americans who struggle with love, hate, truth, deceit, light and darkness. You read of romance and betrayal, friendship and enmity, rivalry and forgiveness. You confront moral issues within yourselves as the characters decide between what is right and wrong. You see the love of Christ envelop even the worst and most unforgivable of us... If you don't read this, you're cheating yourself. This doesn't just entice and entertain. It quickens the soul, it pulls on the heart in a very real and practical way. 5 stars!" Read more reviews here. Available in Kindle here</